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The name's Kazic Fremlin and I like digging in the dirt! Well okay... maybe that didn't sound right. Uhh.... anyways, I'm an archaeologist. I travel the galaxy looking for historical artifacts. Somehow, trouble always seems to find me.

((Indie Star Wars OC. Most active in between the Clone Wars era and the rise of the Empire))
What is 4chan?











a website that is literally the EXACT opposite of tumblr

You mean it’s not hate filled? You mean they don’t say and post horrible things about the people who think different? you mean there is no porn there? you mean people have civilized intelligent conversations there?


The only difference between 4chan and tumblr is 4chan doesn’t pretend they’re “good people” or that they are morally superior, they acknowledge the site is full of bad people and thus there is no shaming and self righteousness.


Only difference is 4chan is mostly satirical. The tumblr crowd legitmitly believes everything they say

are you seriously saying that a place where the n word is thrown around every ten seconds is equal (and perhaps even better!) than a tumblr

keep in mind, a lot of tumblr users are in their early teens and therefore are easily influenced, so they may seem like idiots!

What you don’t seem to understand is that there are actually some people on Tumblr that are trying to make a fucking difference in the lives of the oppressed. Is that such a bad thing? Really now?

i’m fucking done with you people. if you agree with this post please get off of my blog immediately

Name one thing tumblr has ever done. Name a single thing.

No, I don’t mean things they’ve talked about or posts that have a lot of notes, I don’t mean the stupid BS where “we got a girl a pet duck!”. Name an actual change they have made to the world, name an accomplishment. 

You can’t. tumblr hasn’t done jack fuck for any cause. Meanwhile 4chan has started things like, the occupy movement, exposed corporate and federal spying, taking down pedophiles, Nazi Radio shows, shutting down Westboro baptist church ad campgins/theirwebsite/etc. I could go on and on and on, and you can’t name a fucking thing.

I don’t think 4chan is the best website in the world, i don’t think it’s even a good website, but it’s done a hell of a fuck lot more for humanity than 14 year olds on tumblr crying about their parents not accepting the fact that they think they’re a fucking planet.

tumblr has done alot though. Theyve told male rape victims to kill themselves, pulled fire alarms, defended female pedophiles, erased victims of female rapist, doxxing, glorified abusive women, and have even had someones dog killed.

Yeah tumblr has it’s shitty side, what social networking site doesn’t? But on the flip side many people have fought to live to see another day because of the connections that they made on here, because of finding other people that they could relate to that’s help them to realize that not all people in this world are shitty and self righteous, and if that’s not doing something important then I don’t know what to tell you, because that’s a fucking accomplishment in my book.

Tumblr got an innocent dog murdered while 4chan saved a cat from being thrown in a microwave

((Okay. I briefly come back from a vacation away from Tumblr and I just can’t believe what you’re all doing! Are you all seriously getting in to a pissing contest on which website has done what for humanity or which one is better? Give your bloody heads a shake. They’re both just websites. Just HTML and other assorted web programming languages sitting on a server somewhere. They aren’t the center of your world. Just part of it.

So why are you allowing it to be the center of your world? The world is a much bigger place than just something on your browser. Go outside and stop to look around for once. Find something interesting about it. Find something that appeals to you. Find something that inspires wonder and realize that worrying about trivial things doesn’t make you happy. In a few months, this whole “war” be nothing more than a memory. 4Chan will find something else to occupy their time and so will Tumblr. This is just one flash of a moment in time. Time that you could be using to do some good.

Volunteer somewhere, 

help a friend in need,

do something you’ve never done before just for the hell of it,

make something cool,

be a hero to someone,

and learn to let go of the trivial things.

Life is timely and life is short. There isn’t enough time to worry about what websites are doing to each other. Realize what’s important and actually valuable to you and realize that in the big scheme of things websites aren’t that valuable.

And for the love of god, stop looking for ways to antagonize each other. How are you any further ahead in the big picture? Ask yourself what’s important and move on.

That’s all I’ve got to say.))

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poolsmouthsam-the-lone-winchesterimmortalxsmgalacticarchaeologist & avengingspelunker

   ”WHAT the fuck wha’ the fuck. D’ja see tha’?! Dickhead jus’ stole my scarf! Who steals a fuckin’ scarf!

Wh-what? I had nothing to do with any scarfs! I’m really sorry that you lost it. Do you want help looking for it?

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((Ask My characters meme)) Fuck, Marry, Kill: Vader, Tarkin, and the Emperor. Have fun.

Uh… I’m reasonably certain that any attempts to fuck or kill or potentially marry any of these individuals will probably result in my demise in some way or another. Allow me to illustrate:

Lord Vader - A Force user who has unparalleled ability to essentially slaughter me for the first two options. And I sincerely believe that being married to him would probably be horribly unpleasant. All three options would lead to a very dead me.

Tarkin - Well…. murder would be easier of the three options, I’m not exactly good with killing things. Actually, I’m rather terrible at it. I’m not even that great with killing household pests like spiders. Spiders always end up in uncomfortable places on my body when I try to kill them and lets be honest, any spider on any body part is VERY uncomfortable. Back to the question at hand - The most likely thing that would happen is that I either end up arrested or dead.

Emperor Palpatine - For starters, he is a politician constantly surrounded by armed guards. I suppose if I were to stay in his good books and keep out of trouble, the third option - marry, would be the safest bet. He’s elderly and I don’t foresee any problems with that…. unless foot baths are involved. I have an aversion to bare feet.

Well…. that ended up being really long winded.

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TMI tuesday


Ask me naughty questions about my characters!

  •  ask about their secret kinks/fantasies/preferences
  •  have they ever done….. /imagined doing….
  •  make them choose between two things/people/…
  •  how would they react if your OC was coming on to them
  •  anything else you want to know about them
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((OOC: That one extended hiatus and the return))

((As many of you may have realized, I haven’t been posting anything in the past little while. That’s mainly because I’ve been very stressed out by work to the point that it pretty much killed all of my muses and causing a variety of other issues. 

However, that being said, I am going to try to come back starting with this character. I realize that by sitting around and doing nothing really just stresses me out even more with my current job. So I’m trying again. Please be patient with me. I am returning.))

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Flame Nebula


Flame Nebula

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SH2-64 Credit: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona


Credit: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

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Moonrise with some stars - NSW, Aus Source: youcantfindmee (reddit)


Moonrise with some stars - NSW, Aus

Source: youcantfindmee (reddit)

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((I think you’re well aware of what I’m getting at here.))

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